Summer plans


Summertime is here, folks!

There is a ritual I’ve done for years –  I write down things I want to do during a particular season and actually schedule them on my calendar. I get anxious that a particular season will FLY BY and I didn’t take time to be fully in the moment.

Scheduling things on my calendar helps me with this. It could be something silly like, “Sit outside with your morning coffee” or “Smell the garden”. It doesn’t have to be something huge – oftentimes they are really small, actually – but it reminds me to remember those times.

Here is what I have for next week, for example:



Now you also know that I have a haircut that day in addition to watching a sunrise, you’re welcome.

This is usually a rolling list of things I want to do, so expect to see more things added.

Here is the start of my 2018 summer list:

  • Outdoor picnics with friends
  • Hammock in the car for impromptu sway sessions – omgsohipster
  • Create a summer cocktail – enjoy as much as possible
  • Grill for at least 50% of your meals
  • Use both of my outdoor spaces (I have (2) balconies and somehow only use the smaller one most of the time)
  • lakes-lakes-lakes
  • Try out all the outdoor patios in town
  • Go to the market every Saturday
  • Movies in the park – I love the times described, “Dusk – approximately 9 pm”
  • Homemade ice tea
  • Watermelon with salt (you guys all do this, yeah? YOU SHOULD!)
  • Weeknight bonfires
  • Camping in state parks of Minnesota (4 weekends at least)
  • Scuba trip with Evan!
  • Movie at the drive-in
  • All of these
  • Lazy days of reading anything and everything
  • Create a summer playlist – this will help remind you of your amazing adventures everytime you listen to it
  • Tomato sandwich
  • Homemade ice cream
  • Morning coffee with friends before work
  • Watch ‘The Sandlot’
  • Go see the local baseball team (go Redhawks!)
  • Wear a cute summer hat
  • Try paddleboarding

That’s the list for now, hopefully, I can get through most of it this summer. Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “Summer plans

  1. Gotta love how organized you are! Will have to steal your idea of planning the seasons. Awesome!


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