Lagom — what?




First there was ‘hygge’, then there was ‘koselig’ (do you remember koselig?), then ‘friluftsliv’, and now there is ‘lagom.

Scandinavia is really having a moment right now. For so many years — and I’m mean SOMANYFREAKINGYEARS — the main country dominating the cultural news in the United States was France. How French women did their makeup, ate food, wore clothes, sneezed — all of it was covered by American news because we needed to know these things. I’m not trying to sound grouchy or anything, I ate up this news with the rest of them!

But now we have Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. These three countries are being examined and copied and written about when it comes to their culture, food, lifestyle, ideologies…pretty much all of it.

What does ‘lagom’ even mean? Well, it’s a Swedish saying that, when roughly translated, means…

Not too much, not too little

Isn’t that just great?!

I love the idea of making sure that whatever you have is just the right amount. Not only does this make me feel like Goldilocks in a way, but I feel like it can be applied to almost anything. Do you have an issue with portion control with your daily meal? I definitely do if it involves cheese, but then I can have this as a reminder, “not too much, not too little”. Do you sometimes compare your possessions/wealth/whatever with your neighbor? Don’t worry about it. Do you have enough, not too much, not too little? I know that this saying is meant to be applied for overall life values and whatnot, but I feel like it can apply pretty much wherever you would like it to.

It’s not healthy to have anything in excess, so this is such a wholesome and pleasant way of reminding myself that whatever I have is just right.

Now, I’m honestly just curious to see what the next fad country is going to be. Will it be our Canadian friends? Italy? Do I dare guess Poland? Who knows. Either way, I’ll be excited to learn more from other cultures and how they find beauty in their part of the world.

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