Coffee date


One of the (many) things that I enjoy about my job is that I work directly across the street from a lovely coffee shop. I don’t necessarily have to be at my desk (yay, job perks!) so I can go work remotely for a few hours if the mood strikes.

Twenty Below has been around for a couple of years and it really has such a nice mellow vibe to it. It has wifi, so it’s a great place to park yourself for an hour or two. I make sure to get more than one menu item so I’m not *that* asshole. They close down during the lunch hour so folks can come and just eat their lunch with members of the community. I always have thought that it is a nice touch, have people interact with their neighbors. If you are really desperate for a cup of drip coffee, they have a ‘pay as you want’ type system if you really need to get your fix over the lunch break. I won’t judge you.

If you are expecting a 2-minute latte, be prepared. This isn’t that type of coffee place, they take their coffee very seriously. I’m not saying that Starbucks’ employees don’t care about coffee, but I know they don’t go through the same amount of training like at Twenty Below. That means that it will take longer to get your drink, but it’s worth it. If you are in it for the Instagram shots, it’s a perfect fit. Very hipster vibe with fantastic latte art.

I mean, look at how many ways you can get your black coffee?



Their baked goods are always delicious as well. I love getting their macarons, the one above was a vanilla flavor, which might sound plain to some, but it was so flavorful and satisfying. I obviously got it for the sprinkles on top because it reminded me of a treasure chest. It looks like gold!

These types of mornings are so luxurious and relaxing, it’s crazy to think that I still get work done on top of it! It’s hard to have a rough day when I’m able to go across the street and start my morning off with a warm, comforting cup of coffee with something sweet.

Except for Mondays.

Twenty Below is closed on Mondays and that means that Mondays suck.

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