I keep forgetting that this guy is 10 years old, he seems to have so much more energy and is too mischievous to be that old. He acts like a little brat so often that I tend to think of him as a rebellious teenager most of the time.

Yay, he’s aging well?

He has been my companion for so many years and has brought so much joy into my life. Cats were never my first choice of animal, but this large softie has changed that. His lovely temperament, his (almost ridiculous) need for physical affection and his general goofball nature has always brought a smile to my face. The thought of him not being around brings tears to my eyes since I can’t imagine coming home and not having him waiting for me.

There was an ad in the newspaper that someone had posted about wanting to give away their cats to a good home. They were moving out of state and couldn’t take the cats with them. I remember calling the phone number listed in the ad and speaking with a woman. She asked if I was from the area — I was — and she told me that her and her family lived in the ‘Little Italy’ part of town.

Now, I live in the town that I grew up in, I know pretty much every part of it. I have NEVER heard of ‘Little Italy’ and I thought she was pulling my leg at first. I didn’t want to sound like an idiot, so I told her the I ‘totally knew where that was’ and that I could come by later that day to take a look at her animals. I made sure to verify her home address very carefully since I didn’t want to have to call her and admit that I had no freaking clue where this area of town was and I had gotten myself lost or something.

As it turns out, there is a small portion of this town that has been called ‘Little Italy’ since 1906, when the town was originally founded. It was called this due to the large number of Italian immigrants that had moved to the area. There are still small flags of Italy on the corners of a 2 block area that still represent this area. At the time, I had no knowledge about any of this so I just went by this woman’s home address and hoped for the best. Her home was easy to find and pretty soon I had arrived.

I walked into the front door and was lead to the dining room where all three of the cats were being held. There was a great big white cat (male), a stunning Siamese cat (female), and one of their offspring, a tiny, 5-month-old cat named Smokey.

Since I was initially interested in a female, I approached the Siamese cat and started to interact with her.  She was friendly enough, but the little kitten that immediately started to play with me soon caught my eye. He was so sweet and trusting, and as soon as I picked him up, he nuzzled into my neck and I was a goner. Done. This cat was coming home with me right then and there.

I said my goodbyes and took this sweet and adorable kitten home with me. He was promptly renamed James has been a spoiled beast of a cat ever since.

Eventually, there will come a time when I will no longer have my little buddy, but until then, I can make sure to give him plenty of snuggles and lots of love.


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